5 Tips to stop summer frizz in its tracks
5 Tips to stop summer frizz in its tracks

With summer in full swing, so are outdoor events, backyard parties and dinners al fresco. We know your outfits are on point, but what about your hair? The summer heat brings humidity and for those who are blessed with curls, it brings frizz. Don’t worry, we got you covered for a hot girl summer. Here are 5 tips for smooth, sleek, summer locks you’ll rock with confidence.

  1. Start With The Basics

    The first step to banishing frizz starts from root to tip with the right shampoo and conditioner. Boost moisture and revive dehydrated hair with Shea Moisture Papaya and Neroli Frizz Control Shampoo. This sulfate free, anti-frizz shampoo designed for wavy or curly hair, moisturizes and cleanses leaving your mane soft and smooth. Formulated with Papaya, Neroli, Elder flower and Fair Trade Shea Butter, it’s just what your tresses need to shine. Simply lather onto hair and rinse.

    Follow up your shampoo with Shea Moisture Papaya and Neroli Frizz Control Conditioner. Made with the same ingredients, this sulfate-free conditioner defends hair from unwanted frizz, leaving it super soft and manageable. Apply conditioner to clean, wet hair.

  2. Use The Right Styling Product

    Taming frizzy hair during the summer months can be time consuming and frustrating, especially if you’re located in a tropical region. Avoid resorting to the usual ponytail by using the right styling products. Get rid of fly-aways and frizz with Shea Moisture Papaya and Neroli Milk Gel. This natural hair gel with frizz control is designed for wavy and curly hair, adding moisture and blocking humidity. Made with Papaya, Neroli, Elder flower and Fair Trade Shea Butter, this gel is ideal for defining hair and getting perfect waves. Beat the heat and wear your hair out all summer long with smooth curls and beachy waves. Apply to damp hair or use as a dry hair gel from root to ends.

  3. Switch Up Your Pillowcase

    If you have dehydrated or fuzzy hair, try switching your pillowcase from cotton to silk. This may seem like an unconventional treatment for frizz but sleeping on a silk pillowcase protects hair, maintains natural oils and reduces frizz. Make this part of your nightly routine and your bed head days will be a thing of the past!

  4. Upgrade Your Hair Towel

    If you’re using a cotton towel to dry your hair, switching to a microfibre hair towel will change your life! Your hair is at its most vulnerable state when it’s wet. Traditional cotton towels create friction that causes frizz and breakage. Microfibre towels are absorbent and soft, making them perfect for a variety of hair textures and lengths. Opting for microfibre will not only save you time on drying but will be less damaging and will get rid of frizz. Add this inexpensive solution to your daily hair care routine to get curls that will last for days.

  5. Make The Cut

    While summer is the season of long hair and beach waves, the humidity can make hair just as dry as winter. Visiting your stylist regularly for trims decreases breakage, preventing hair frizz. Getting your hair trimmed often can significantly reduce damage, split ends and dryness. Since frizz and dry hair go hand in hand, hair maintenance is essential for a sleek look. If you’re brave enough, you can easily trim your end with professional shears. This will buy you time and save you money in between salon visits. Prefer to play it safe? No problem. Schedule a hair trim with your salon every three months for best results.